How we got here

We have been working on GP-based software systems for close to a decade. After delivering a popular patient check-in system for GPs a few years ago, we applied to the NHS pairing program and ultimately got approval to begin the Patally journey. After years of patience and hard work, we are finally ready to go live in 2019! On the way we went through a rigorous system of process assurances from the NHS and the primary GP clinical software suppliers. Thanks to the cooperation and support of both of these groups, we have taken our first step in a hopefully long and empowering journey.

What We're Doing now

We are excited to introduce our creation to patients across the UK !
Patally currently offers patients the ability to:

  • Connect to their GP practice
  • Book appointments
  • View current medication
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View prescriptions' status
  • View / Update contact information held at the practice
  • [March 19 2021] - Live with NHS Login!

Where we want to be

We believe what we currently offer is just the beginning.
We hope that in time, we will become the go-to service choice for patients in the UK to book their GP appointments or order their prescriptions.
We also want to focus on adding innovative features to the specific facilities we have been able to offer so far.

We need your support

We would like to ask for your support in our journey to be the best at what we do.
We are sure you will have suggestions to make our service better, so please do not hesitate to provide your feedback (positive or negative) by emailing us at:
If you are facing any issues with our service or simply want some help, you can always email us at: