"Patally" is just a name. A bit like Alexa or Siri... although it is not quite that ‘smart’ (yet)!

If it helps, one may think of it as Patients' best ally.

As a signed up user, you can do the following:

  • Connect to your GP practice
  • View past/upcoming appointments
  • Book appointments
  • View current medication
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View prescriptions' status
  • View / Update your contact information held at the practice

Please be aware that not all features may be available at every practice.

Patally works by connecting to your GP's clinical software. So, for example, when you are requesting to your prescription's status, Patally connects to your GP's software system and retrieves the status in real time.

Patally fetches your clinical data from your practice clinical software upon your request on your behalf. Patally does not store any of your detailed clinical information in any of its systems. What we store is your registration information so that we can log you in to our system.

For a more complete explanation of this, do take a look at our privacy policy.

We know that many people struggle to find the time to organise a doctor’s appointment. It’s not surprising: reaching a GP practice over the phone can often be time consuming. With Patally, you can organise and review any of the services available online at your GP, at a time and place that is suited to you. Of course, you can choose to call your practice as you normally would if you’re unsure about anything - but Patally means that in the majority of cases, you simply don’t have to. And what we currently offer is just the beginning. We hope that in time, we will become the go-to service choice for patients in the UK to book their GP appointments or order their prescriptions. We also want to be able to focus on adding innovative features to the specific facilities we have been able to offer so far.

No. Patally is 100% self funded.
The role of NHS has been to "assure" the service and ensure that best practices are adhered to, specifically in terms of data security and privacy. They have been the conduit for us to be able to work with your GP's clinical software suppliers. Without the support of the NHS assurance team, Patally would not have seen the light of day. We would also like to thank all the nation's GP clinical software suppliers for their cooperation and assurances to help us make Patally possible.